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Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

If you want to make sure that your WordPress website is properly SEO optimized I’m going to give you all my best tips and we’re starting right now if you want to transform your website into a customer or lead generation machine. I’ll show you all my best tips tactics and secrets to get there fast let’s dive in how’s it going.

You need to give me serious effort to SEO or search engine optimization and for anyone who is kind of a newbie and unfamiliar with SEO there are two basic types one is offsite which is basically building links from other websites back to your site and then there’s on-site SEO which is basically doing all that work on your site that signals to Google that this page is the best match for what people are actually looking for and if you’re like most businesses I’m willing to bet your website is probably built on WordPress.

I’m going to give you some really specific WordPress website tips to optimize your website in just a few steps as well as a few protips that most people don’t really talk about very much that can help you do even better and I’m telling you if you follow all these steps and do it right you can probably increase your rankings by the end of the day Before we jump in just a few things to keep in mind so when I talk about optimizing your site for search what I’m really talking about or optimizing individual pages for individual search terms not optimizing your entire site for just a set of keyword phrases.

Secondly the first real step to get ting this right is to have those keyword phrases already picked out and I actually just put out a really comprehensive video about how to pick out your keyword phrases and if you haven’t seen that yet you can click right up here to access that video so assuming you already have your keyword spicked out or if you just want kind of a preliminary preview of the whole process we’re gonna go over to the computer where I’m going to give you you know and over the should review of exactly how you can maximize your WordPress SEO with the help of just a few free plugins and some solid copy writing tips so let’s get started okay so this might look familiar we are basically just logged in to the dashboard of a wordpress site this is a site for a brand new client we just launched the site there’s a very little content on it as of yet so it’s a nice clean slate – to do this de monstration for so there’s really several steps involved in a really SEO optimized page or post and I’m gonna walk you through basically all of my best tips here so the first thing you’re gonna want to do is we’re gonna want to install an SEO plugin it’s gonna do a lot of the heavy lifting for you and that’s called Yoast SEO plug-in.

Click on install now once it’s installed click on activate and once that’s activated you’ll see this little icon for it right down here so whenever you have to do anything for that plug-in that’s where you’ll find it but for now let’s go up to posts and add a new post so within WordPress you can basically think of any new piece of content you create as one of two things either a page which is thinking about is just a page on your website information about a product about a service the about U space the contact page all those good things and then a post which is basically thought of that as an article ora video or just a piece of content that’s more information based so that’s what we’re doing here we’re gonna create a post that’s meant to be really strong in SEO so that we can be found for acerta in keyword phrase back to the website.

Since this is an acting related website let’s go ahead and put in an acting related article now let’s say we did our keyword research and we found the term best online acting classes and that’s the one we want to rank for so assuming we have that article we just want to fill in the title and then the text for the actual article itself okay so I’ve gone ahead and pasted in an article and this is just copied and pasted from the internet I’m not planning on actually publishing.

I always like to do is take that keyword phrase and then add to it something a little more exciting and a little more click Beatty there are a few ways to do this you know numbers are always great you know like a number list always works really well or you want to bring out some kind of curiosity factor or use a power word so here’s how I might rework this title to still keep the keyword phrase but make it a little more exciting and click-worthy okay so I’ve got the five best online acting classes the Stars swear by you know we’ve got the numbered list here and then we’ve got you to know another element that makes it seem a little more interesting you know if these are actually acting classes that your favorite stars actually have taken and love that makes it a little more exciting.

I’m happy with this title you know it’s got good SEO and it also has that excitement factor now the next thing I’m gonna want to look at is what’s called the permalink so this is the actual URL that people would click to get to this specific post and the really important thing here is that it contains that keyword phrase that you’re trying to rank for so, in this case, we already have that’d it did it for us automatically through that Yoast plug-in so we’ve got best online acting classes you don’t need to add the extra elements to the URL the shorter this is the better so I’m really happy with it just the way it is despite what some SEO experts say and even what Google say shaving those keywords in the URL really does still matter it’s just one of the main indicators that tells Google okay that’s exactly what this page is about in fact it’s so much about this that is the actual name of the page okay.

The next thing we’re going to talk about is the copy of the article itself so basically what you want to do is have an areally nice long article with about 2,000 words or more and notice how this is all broken up into really short paragraphs bolded text headlines bullet lists whenever possible that’s all the stuff that’s going to make people want to keep reading and that’s really important because if you get people to your article or your page and people leave it right away that’s a big sign alto Google that hey maybe this page isn’t so good and they’re gonna start ranking your page lower and lower in the rankings which are the opposite of what you want.

so you want it to be very easy to read which means short paragraphs really broken up really skimmable that’s the word I want you to remember skimmable because most people skim a website rather than read it actually one thing I do want to mention here notice how we’ve got this long long article here which is great for SEO but guess what it’s missing it’s missing mages and studies have really shown that the pages in posts with images in them tend to rank a whole lot higher in searches so what we’re gonna want to do is probably break this up even more with a few good images and the way you do that is just put the cursor where you want to put the image and then go right up top to where it says add media and then you’ll let’s go ahead and drag the image onto the screen.

Then here’s what you want to do go down where it says alt text you’re gonna want to use that keyword phrase that you want to rank for again so, in this case, it was best online acting classes now it’si important to remember if you’re gonna be inserting multiple images which you should you should n’t be just reusing that same keyword phrase over and over again it seems a little spammy so maybe

The WordPress theme works here is it automatically adds all this extra stuff to the end of the post so we want to getrid of that so an SEO title down here basically gives us all the different elements that it’s using like site title we don’t want so we’re just going to go ahead and delete that separator we don’t need that’s I think the little – right there let’s get rid of that now we’regood now we’ve got title and page and that’s really all we need there and then for Meta Description what it usually does is it’s just gonna kind of pull ineither the first sentence or the first you know however many characters from the article or it might find a little snippet from within the article that uses the exact keyword phrase that the person used to search we don’t want anyof that we want to really control whatit says to make it seem as interestingas possible and what I like to do here usually is give it a little bit of insight as towhat exactly you’re gonna learn from this article you can either do that or if it’s not so much an article and just like a product page or a services page talk about the main benefits of that service or product okay.

Few more times in the article and then it goes on to say the key phrase is in the title but it’s not at the beginning of the title that’s some thing I might think about changing but not in this case because I think if we were to put that right at the beginning it would lose out a little bit of that excitement click ability factor so I’m gonna I’m just gonna agree to disagree with this improvement they’resuggesting I think it’s better the wayit is and then it gives you all the this stuff you did right you know out bound links internal link slength all that good stuff I’m not going to go through all of it but basically all in all it’s a pretty good score forthis article so I’m just gonna go all the way up to the top and that kind of all at once rather thanhaving to go in to each individual pageto do it and that involves just goingover to the left column under SEO andgoing to tools and then going over tobulk editor so what this allows you todo sodepending on what tab you’re on it canbe title or description it allows you itgoes through all your pages and itallows you just to really quickly.

A new SEO title to each page at once and then you can either click save to that individual one or you can click save all after you’ve gone through and made all the improvements you want and then you would go do the same thing in the description it allows you to type in a new meta description and you can make that text box a little bit bigger and once you’re done just click Save all okay but before we wrap this video up I do want to show you one extra plugin it’s also free they can help you in another way so one of the major things of SEO is actually having in good internal linking within your website.

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